the shower.

Before you have children you take simple things, like showers, completely and utterly for granted. And what I find interesting, is that my thoughts about showers are constantly changing as I have more kids and as those kids hit different stages of life.

When Bailey was an infant I really REALLY thought it was hard to get a shower in my day. HA! Looking back I was able to take luxurious showers! I would pop her in the bouncy seat, push the vibrate button and take a good 15 minute shower. As she hit crawling age she would either go in the exersaucer that had been dragged into the bathroom or I would just let her crawl around my feet in the shower… still getting at least a 10-15 minute shower. But the entire time I really thought it was such a hassle and there were many days that I wouldn’t take one b/c it was "too much work".

When Parker arrived I again had the bouncy seat in the bathroom, but then I also had a 16 month old on the loose all by herself…scary. Luckily, Bailey was such a good kid she would sit and watch a video or play quietly. The issue began to be that Parker ALWAYS cried when she was in the bouncy seat for more than 5 minutes so I always cut my showers short for her sake.

Once I got Parker on a nap routine I would take my showers during her morning nap, but now her nap time is the only time I can safely go to the basement to do laundry or get any kind of computer work done. SO once again showers seemed impossible.  And then she turned ONE!

Today when Parker was up from her nap I told the girls I was getting in the shower and asked Bailey to play with Parker. I laughed the entire time I was in there as I heard, "Parter, come HERE! Parter play wit me! Parter, here, here, here, happy birtday! Parter, no, come back here!" When I got out I saw what they had been playing… Bailey had found a box of flashcards in the office, was folding them up and handing them to Parker. I guess they were her birthday gifts.

Anyway, I guess a shower still feels like a hassle most days, and I long for the days of one infant in a bouncy seat quietly vibrating! But in the end, it’s really not that bad at any stage of kidhood to squeeze in a shower I guess. The issue, truly, is that you are SQUEEZING in a shower! To me, heaven will be a QUIET, candle lit bathroom that has unlimited amounts of hot water for an all day shower! And it would also have a beautifully soft bed for hours and hours of sleep!

Is it sad that my heaven holds a shower and a bed?  :)

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