you would think i was pregnant or something.

I don’t know what has come over me this week. An abundance of new toys that needed to be integrated? A pile of laundry that would scare off the best house keepers? Just having it up to HERE with constant mess? Who knows. But I’m definitely acting like I’m in the final days of pregnancy as I’m "nesting" with the best of them!

I mentioned that we rearranged our downstairs but I’m not sure you understand what that means. I went through EVERY item in my office, purging, trashing, moving and reorganizing. That is about 10 years worth of craft supplies gotten down to ONE bookcase, ONE desk and a few odds and ends here and there (all neatly organized).

Then we took the empty bookcase from the office and moved it to the front living room, giving us much needed book and toy organization. In the midst of moving that we had to move other furniture to make room and in order to organize the new bookshelf I had to go through EVERY single toy downstairs. Two bins and two trash bags later we finished that room!

We then tackled our bedroom… cleaning out and reorganizing our closets, dusting, moving decorations, mopping, vacuuming, etc.  We also put away about 4 loads of laundry.

Did I mention we did all of that one MORNING?

Then today I took every single toy out of the family room, changed some things around, CLEANED (man was out house dusty!), created draw pulls for a dresser/tv stand that has been missing them forever, vacuumed, mopped, etc. Now it might sound strange that the living room HAS toys and the family room does NOT, but the living room has a ton more space to play down here and the cluttered family room was just simply driving me crazy. SO now it is clutter and toy free. Awesome. Did that this afternoon.

I also got every single bin/tub/box of baby clothes from the attic and started going through them. We bought nice new CLEAR plastic tubs during the after Christmas sales at Target so that I could reorganize the attic. So although this project isn’t finished, it will be tonight, and tomorrow we will put all the newly organized and LABELED boxes back in the attic. I’m going through their old clothes so that I can pull out things for Abbie’s baby that I know won’t work for ours, even if it’s a girl, b/c of season differences. I’m also taking out the stained things… does this happen to you? You pack away something nice and clean and 6 months later a yellow stain from spit-up appears? Drives me crazy!

And on tomorrow’s list we are tackling the entire playroom and girl’s bedroom. You should see our yard sale pile! And the trash! WOW! I think that if I could find a way to make money purging other people of their crap and clutter, I would be a very rich and happy woman. Because MAN! I am GOOD at purging! And don’t fret, I do save things occasionally too that might mean something someday to the girls or their girls (all neatly packed away and labeled of course), but for the most part, I’m a LESS IS MORE type of gal.

So wish me luck. Luck that my energy will last through the last of my projects and that I won’t run out of time before C goes back to school on Wed! Hope you’re getting things accomplished on your break too, b/c relaxing is great, but a clean and organized house is SO worth the effort! :)

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