a mommy shower + alone with markers = mess!


1. Spent most of the morning yesterday marching and dancing around the house with the girls… I got about 45 minutes of really good cardio! Besides a few tutus, sun glasses and necklaces we don’t have many dress-ups so I got out C’s ties and let the girls wear those! It was adorable!




2. Love all the comments!  Love getting the email updates all day and love that people who read this are finally stopping to say hello! ALSO really really love all the NAMES!  There are a few that are right at the TOP of our list!  I think it’s funny that not many of the traditional names have been mentioned… like John or Michael or Tomas. We’re not opposed to traditional names even though the girls aren’t so traditional… although I have to say I am in love with some of the suggestions! Thanks!

3. Working 20 hours a week for Kuhn Const. and at least 30 hours a week for Jodified plus two toddlers, a house, a husband, a life, etc. is causing me to be truly and completely exhausted. My mom mentioned I looked pale today and I think she’s right, I just look ragged. I need more sleep but how in the world do you work part-time to make extra money, raise good kids, keep a nice home and grow your passion/business all in 24 hours a day?  You just can’t. My main issue is balancing all of that with my health and the health of this little boy in my tummy.  My only solution at this point is to just keep trudging…

4. Bailey looked at me this morning while we played Wow Wow Wubsy on www.noggin.com (it’s like a crazy version of the old school Mario Bros. and I’m more addicted than she is!) and said, "that is incredible!"  It was the cutest thing in the world!

5. Parker finally has decided to join the rest of us and TALK! Words so far this week: Mama, Dada, PawPaw, Ball, Baby, Bye Bye, All Done, and Baa Baa (what a sheep says). Very exciting! Bailey’s new favorite game is "Parker say _______"

6. Parker is giving up her morning nap (AHHHHHHH!) and so I’ve lost my safe shower time. I still take a shower every most mornings but now I just never know what I will walk out to:


I couldn’t figure out at first what happened to make that big of a mess (thank goodness she was naked!) and then rolling on the floor I found these:


Notice the tips? GONE. Chewed right off.  Thank goodness Crayola makes non-toxic (and washable!) markers!

7. I’m now offering Coffee Table Books on my Jodified site… go check them out!

8. Our Valentine’s Day cards are printed and ready for addressing! If you are interested in SEEING a sample of my work with your own eyes, I printed a few extras, so email me your address and I will send you one! A great way to check out the stock I use, the printing, etc. And if you are family/friends watch for them in the mail next week!


9. In an attempt to get to bed earlier tonight I am signing off! Thanks again for all the comments! Can’t wait to announce who’s won (when we finally decide)!

*NOTE: the contest is NOT over, we have NOT picked a name yet! Keep those names coming!

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