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Lately I’ve been getting anywhere from 70-140 hits a day on this blog and I’ve wanted to do some kind of contest for a while but couldn’t figure out what to do… today I figured it out! 



We are STUCK on boy names! Nothing seems to fit and we’re having a really hard time even coming up with a list of ones we kind of like.  We have a few middle names in mind so we’re only looking for a first name.  Here is the deal:

Leave a comment on the blog (emails don’t count!) with your suggestion and if we end up choosing YOUR name you will receive a FREE photo session from yours truly (worth $250).  You can use the shoot for yourself or give it as a gift, it’s yours to do what you like! And you will have one year from the time I announce the winner to use the session gift certificate (which I will mail you once you have won). If you live out of town and a photo shoot in St. Louis is out of the question then you will receive $100 towards any custom Jodified design (invitations, Christmas cards, etc.).

Please take into account that our daughter’s names are Bailey Smith Allen and Parker Jane Allen!

NOW, there is a chance there won’t be a winner if C and I come up with a name we like that wasn’t on the blog created list… but I’m also not limiting the entries, so if you have a list of 20 names, leave them all! That’s just 20 more chances to win and gives us 20 more names to consider!  If a name is doubled and ends up being chosen, the award will go to the first person who suggested it.

Does that make sense?

Let the games begin!

*if 70-140 people stop by here on a daily basis, please leave a comment and just say hi! Even if I don’t know you I would love to "meet" you!*

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