boy oh boy a BOY!

So can you believe it? I mean seriously? I will admit that I wanted a girl, simply b/c I know girls, we have everything pink so it’d be cheaper than starting over, and I just KNOW girls. And I like girls! I actually like playing kitchen and make-up table and dress-ups and ponies and dolls.  I’m not a huge fan of trucks and cars and mud and balls. Well, lacrosse balls and maybe soccer balls, but you know what I mean.  PLUS, this pregnancy is really nothing different than my other two so I really FELT like it was another girl. And Chris was convinced it was going to be a girl too.

But it’s not. It’s a BOY.

And when the ultra-sound tech told me it was a boy I actually cried I was so happy. Happy b/c mainly I knew that Chris would be so happy and happy also b/c for the first time ever I knew our family was complete.

It’s one thing to know you’re done having children b/c three in three years is enough or you can’t afford any more or whatever other reasons you might have, but FEELING it is a completely different thing. Every family is perfect for them, and this is just perfect for US! I’m so glad that we had sweet sweet Bailey first b/c she is the most amazing big sister I could ever have dreamed of. And when we got pregnant after her I prayed and prayed for God to give her a sister. Along came little miss Parker. She is our challenge but her and Bails get along so well 99% of the time! They are just the best of friends. But what is sinking in more and more is how much I love the idea of them both having a little brother to bug them! Someone to mess up their dolls and chase them around and just get into everything! And at the same time I love that this little man will have two amazing big sisters to paint his nails, put ponytails in his hair, stick up for him and smother him in love. And they are all so close together they will grow up in one little group!

Yesterday I just kept thinking "Holy cow, I’m having a boy…wow"  And today I can’t quit feeling my belly and knowing that my SON is in there just waiting to join our family. My son. I have a son. It’s something I just never dreamed would happen in my life. I’m so thankful to the Lord for knowing what I needed before I could ever imagine it. 

I wanted another little girl and they say unanswered prayers are best!

Thanks to everyone who emailed or commented about our news, it really means so much to have family, friends and blogland supporting us!

Now just a second of details:

I’m 18.5 weeks along, due date of June 20th, he is 8oz and 8.5 inches long now, I gained one pound this month which puts me back to my starting weight (I’m not thin by any means though!) and the most fun thing about yesterday (aside from watching my mom see her first ever ultra-sound… she was SO excited it just added to the excitement!) was that the tech gave us a 4D ultrasound for FREE! She just flipped a switch and we got to see him in 3D, something I’ve never seen before. That’s when I lost it and cried a little, it was just so magical! Here are two of the photos from that part of the ultrasound… kind of scary b/c there’s no fat on his bones yet, but look at the first one… he has both hands raised over his head and I swear he’s saying, "DAD! I’M A BOY!!!"  Either that or, "GOAL!" 


*click on the image to make it bigger.

And last thing tonight, we are excepting ANY and ALL boy things that anyone wants to donate to us! We don’t borrow items b/c things get stained or broken and then we would feel bad, but if you are done having kids or done with boys or anything, we’ll take it! As long as it’s not PINK we’ll take it!  :)   Begging isn’t nice, but hey, we have all girl things! 

Oh and I finally updated the Photo 365 album last night.

Thanks again for your comments… so appreciated!

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