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What I’ve been loving the most about my Photo 365 project is that it’s forcing me to photograph the everyday. The not so glamorous, not great lighting, not great composition shots… but the ones that someday will mean the most. For one year (and maybe this project will just keep going) I will have captured random little tidbits of our everyday life. And the idea Donna Downey had about writing on each photo was genius, b/c now there will be a memory or explanation with each photo. This morning while spending my 30 minutes blog hopping I came across a link to a flickr group I have now fallen in love with. And pushing my time to 45 minutes, I finally forced myself to move away from the computer. Go check this out… Mom’s World.  (click on the link I provided and then click on his album "mom’s world")

I love that this woman spent her life capturing the tiny moments and then went back and wrote about each photo for her son. He posted the entire album (I guess) and it’s amazing how perfectly she captured the 1950′s. Please take a minute and go there today… totally inspirational for me today!

And now we’re off to KCCI for a full day of work for me and a full day of Grandma spoiling for the girls!

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