since the girls have decided that sleeping through the night once was enough, here I am, at 4am, on the computer and watching reruns. I’ve been awake since 1:30am which means tomorrow is going to suck. big time.

so, since i’m awake anyway i thought i would finally post some photos of the dining room/office…


this was our buffet and now the drawers are storing my current projects while underneath is housing my files and fabric.  before this was our buffet though, it was a work bench we pulled out of a 100+ year old house… it’d been in their garage since the house was built pretty much and was covered in motor oil. I sanded it some and then just painted it b/c I love the distressed look!


the cabinet above is huge, about 9 feet long and my favorite piece in the house. It has old green blown glass doors, 6 of them, and it’s perfect above the work bench/buffet. this now holds all of my craft supplies…






this photo of my grandma is the only frame in the cabinet… she is always in my office b/c I like to think that I got my creativity from her. She was amazing; she could sew, paint, cook, draw, etc.  She passed away when I was in high school and it breaks my heart b/c I was too young and stupid to know what I would be missing once she was gone.  looking back I wish i had asked her a million and one questions and begged her to teach me everything, especially sewing. so anyway, she inspires me and i keep her close to my work. and the "D" book is a little mini-album I made for Chris last Father’s Day.

SO anyway, even though it’s not ideal, and part of me misses seeing my vases, pitchers, china, etc, these things, as unflattering as they may be to most, inspire me and make me happy.  Now when i walk through the dining room I smile, when before I would just walk though. I love it. I love that I was able to find a virtually unused space and use it.

AND, we got Grayson’s crib yesterday so once I find bedding that matches that room I will post photos. Just seeing a THIRD crib in our house freaks me out a little, but also excites me for this little man to get here.

Ok, I haven’t heard a peep from the monitor in about 15 minutes so I’m praying this is it and I can sleep.

Here’s to a day of Mountain Dew tomorrow!

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