bed time story and a few links to share.

A little link love:

Creating Keepsakes; not a new link, I love this magazine, but go there today b/c they are giving away the Ali Edwards font! Too cute!

Today’s Creative Blog; I’ve been reading this for a long time now and just always forget to share… she writes almost daily about new creative blogs and I have found lots of great blogs this way! Check her out!

The Art of Engineering: I found this blog one night while reading through the Blurb Blog. If you have ever created your own coffee table book and used then you have to check out this blog! She has created templates for custom books and has tutorials on her blog, not to mention she has the templates available for download! I love a good tutorial and I especially LOVE free downloads that save me time in the design process!

Popular Baby Products; This website/blog is run by a couple that used to go to Greentree Community Church in Kirkwood and I used to know Heather from stopping by the church office. Anyway, they now have two small boys and started this blog to share great products with other parents. I love that they are working together on this, can you imagine Chris writing about cool baby stuff?  :)   And I also love a lot of the links they share.

And a little story to put you to bed with tonight:

Last night I was in a rush to get the girls bathed and in bed, simply b/c I was exhausted and needed some couch/work time. So I handed Bailey a wash cloth and told her to wash her belly. Then I gave them their toothbrushes and as I was turning around to grab the shampoo I said, "and don’t forget to wash your bottom."  When I turned back around she was scrubbing her bottom with her toothbrush.

When I yelped and said, "NO! Not with your toothbrush!"  she immediately popped the toothbrush back in her mouth and found the washcloth.

At least she was washing?

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