Dear Readers of Jodie’s Blog,



know if you are "regulars" you have read all about Parker, the non-sleeper. Well, in spite of PawPaw saying "you’re nuts" I agreed to keep
BOTH girls over night. Bailey is a frequent sleep over guest but this
is the first time for little Miss Parker since she was a tiny infant.




Well, Jodie needs to record Parker in the middle of the night, the screams are amazing!




it to say, Parker did not sleep thru the night, 1:20am to 3am. I would
get her settled down and as soon as I tried to leave the room the
screams started up again. At one point I just stood in the dark, (over
20 minutes) she kept looking to see if I was there. I inched closer to
the door, she looked, my knees gave out and popped and she really took
notice so I just left, SCREAMS!




I decided she
would just have to cry – took about 30 minutes. Dozing off to sleep
finally and the screams started all over. I went back up, diaper
change, held, cuddled, soothed and put her back in bed – sceams but
only 15 minutes so at 3am she was asleep again. Alarm for Paw Paw went
off at 5:15am, Bailey up at 6am, Parker still sleeping.




Seriously – should I try this again or just stick to Bails?



*my mom emailed me this and I thought I just had to post it!  They kept the kids for us b/c I had a photo shoot this morning that started at 4am. Yes, 4am.  C’s soccer team had their Morning Madness practice from 4-6:30am and he wanted me there photographing.  So my mom thought that having the girls stay the night would be easier than getting up that early and coming to our house… I think she wishes she would have just come over now! Sorry mom!

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