I have to say that I am in love with this Photo365(6) project.  Even if you haven’t started yet, please just start today!  Just the act of taking my camera everywhere we go is amazing. Trying to think of things to photograph when most days just blend into each other is eye opening!  I just so love that at the end of this year we will have an actual visual diary of our life.

Here’s what happened today:

Because I am now on a mission to photograph Bailey’s eyes…


I used a very subtle warm light action on this photo, but other than that didn’t change anything b/c the original was making me happy by itself. This is a good example of how easily you could miss her hazel/blue eyes unless you were looking for them.  And here is the b/w version:


And here is a photo depicting how I make dinner a lot of nights… with Parker strapped to my hip b/c she stands at my feet whining while I cook and it drives me CRAZY!


And last but not least, Chris brought home his new t-shirts with MY logo design on them! There is just something about seeing a design you created printed on something like a shirt! I love it!


So yes. Go out, grab your camera and start documenting your everyday life. Because you just never know what you’ll end up with! If you feel you are not good enough, just remember that there is perfection in the imperfection. Trust me!

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