turning the page.

Thank you to all the amazing women who commented on yesterday’s fairly depressing post… your words of encouragement and advice really helped. Just knowing you’re not alone and especially hearing from those of you that have been there before and know first hand there is a light at the end of the tunnel is so encouraging.  I will be rereading those comments for a long time to come! So thank you!

Luckily, I am a truly positive person who most days has a smile on her face despite the exhaustion, issues, etc.  So this morning I woke up and decided to turn the page. Yes, life is hard right now and YES it’s going to get harder when Grayson gets here, but YES I can decide how I handle it also.  And I’m handling it by deciding that today is a good day. And it has been so far. And tomorrow will be good too. Positive thinking, here I come!

One thing that has really helped is that PARKER SLEPT THROUGH THE ENTIRE NIGHT WITHOUT A PEEP THE LAST TWO NIGHTS IN A ROW! That is in all caps b/c I’m screaming from the mountain tops! Imagine Sound of Music and I’m twirling around on the mountain just screaming in delight that my daughter can actually sleep! YAHOO! This could single handedly change our lives right now and that is so exciting! Tonight: Bailey goes back upstairs and we try them together… wish us luck!

So because Parker is helping get me over the hump of losing my mind, here are her latest photos… when you ask her to smile THIS is what happens to her [normally] beautiful little face:




I mean seriously! She looks like a devil child doesn’t she? Now you can understand that when she ACTS that way it’s easy to call her that!


I love it b/c these are the stages that move away so quickly! Soon she will understand what it means to "smile" and we’ll never see this face again. So glad I captured it!

And if you’ve been wondering about potty training? This is what the potty has been used for lately:


Trying to start potty training the same week Parker was recovering from surgery was a bad BAD idea. I didn’t stick with it. And then sleep issues became top of my list so in a couple of weeks, once they are both sleeping together well (hopefully!) finally I will start again.  And if you have any good suggestions for this I am ALL ears!

The page is turned and I will survive!

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