we found the toilet culpruit

I don’t think I mentioned this today, but my girl’s night out got canceled b/c my friend had things going on at her house at the exact same moment our toilet decided to explode. And NO, there was no huge deposit that day or anything to make it overflow! You’re gross.

No, Chris just went number 1 (what’s the appropriate potty talk for adults on a blog? I don’t know!), flushed and the water just started pouring over the edge! We had no idea what was going on and at some point I called my mom to see what she thought… she suggested that maybe one of the kids put something in there we just didn’t notice.  Hmmm… got me thinking but I’ve never seen either of them play in it so I doubted it.


Oh yes, little miss devil child herself made an appearance tonight and we caught her half in the toilet just playing in the water! So disgusting! Who knows if she did or did not throw something in there yesterday, but we’re blaming her.

And as gross as that was, it doesn’t top the time Bailey crawled into the bathroom and when I found her she was chewing on the TOILET BRUSH! Oh yes. I almost died. And could have sworn she would die from chemicals or germs or anything else that lives on a toilet brush, but she was fine so I know Parker will be too. Although Chris barely wanted to touch Parker tonight after seeing her emerged in the toilet!

How many more times can I say toilet in this post?

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