and the vandalism continues…

I stayed up late last night editing soccer photos I took for Chris at their first game yesterday (they lost so I won’t go into details as he is still pretty mad about it all) so he let me sleep in this morning.  I miss being able to stay up late, even working, knowing that I get to sleep until my body wakes me up… it’s luxurious!

When I finally rolled out of bed at 8am (yes, that is incredibly late at our house!) I found this in the kitchen:


*taken with the MAC

Our bank account was broken into!

We keep this massive jar in the dining room to collect change… it’s our savings account at this point in our lives.  The girls love it b/c any time they find a penny or get monies from PawPaw they know to hold onto them until they get home and can put them in the jar.  I think it’s fun for them to see the money fall and hear the clinks as it hits the other coins.  Parker, however, has taken it one step further and occasionally puts other things in the jar… I think she just loves the putting so she doesn’t really care what she puts! So in the jar, along with the millions of dollars we’ve saved already, is a drum stick, dominos, pens, markers, chalk, trash and a few dollar bills stuck in by C (when he really wants to make a big deposit!).

Anyway, we have no idea how this happened, but Chris heard a huge crash and found Parker sitting amongst the mess!  The jar is almost as big as her and is really really heavy! Luckily it split like that and there were only a few random pieces of glass, so it was easy to pick up, but still!  How in the world did this happen? 

Only Parker knows and she’s not talking.

When your day starts with something like this you just know it’s going to be an interesting day!

Chris is at practice, the girls and I are headed to the Magic House (and I’m debating actually NOT taking my camera so I can enjoy the moments more… we’ll see) and I told Chris to offer less sprints to any kid that will babysit for free tonight so we can go OUT on the jar! 

Happy Saturday! Get out there and GO!

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