Hi all,

today is my bff’s birthday and she has officially jumped the border into her 30′s!  she turned 30 last year but i feel like this year makes her officially in her 30′s and that is crazy to me!  sorry, jess, you’re not OLD, just older than I can believe since i’ve known you so long now!  :)

Here’s her blog if you want to wish her a HAPPY BIRTHDAY:  The Juice from Teguz

And speaking of birthdays, I know mine is not until October, but if anyone out there wants to send me birthday wishes early (or mother’s day or just whatever) here are two things I really want:

elsiecake :: best friend print

{i just NEED this! don’t you think?!?}

elsiecake :: teddy print

{I want this for Grayson’s room… it’s supposed to be Michael from Peter Pan and i love the eternal boyhood this portrays}

Also, don’t you think Grayson (and every tiny baby out there) needs this???  Bumbo Cover

I could totally get lost on etsy!

Ok, enough playing. Back to work!

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