home sweet home.

Abbie, Chris and Sam are officially home!  My parents and Chris’s dad are there cooking a good dinner for them and celebrating being home.  I’m stuck in the hotel again as I went to urgent care today and was deemed contagious.  I’m hoping that one more night of good sleep will make me feel better tomorrow b/c I haven’t felt this bad in years.  I could be there with them and not holding the baby, but the last thing Abbie needs is to have a chance of catching what I have.  I can’t imagine feeling like this and dealing with a new baby.  So the quarantine continues!

The hardest thing for me, aside from not being able to be there to help Abbie, is missing the girls.  I hate that I’m not there to hold them while they’re sick and I feel bad that Chris is doing it alone.  I really hate missing them on Easter the most.  Bailey told me to come home again today and it just breaks my heart.



*photos taken by grandma, edited by me. :)

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