it’s midnight and since chris would kill me if i woke him up i am going to vent on here.

I was asked last week, on Easter Sunday to be exact, to be a part of our church’s capital campaign visual leadership committee.  I said yes, against my better judgment, b/c 1. I was honored to be asked (I think I am the youngest out of any leader) 2. b/c it would be a great opportunity to become even more involved in church and 3. b/c i was intrigued as to what goes into designing a capital campaign.

That was last week.

Now I’m just fairly exhausted by the whole thing.  Don’t get me wrong, I still am excited about aspects of the work we have to do and love the fact that I can say I helped with such an important part of our church history.  It’s just that the deadlines they have put on us, the creative group, are crazy in my opinion!  They basically gave us one week to design the logo and overall look of the campaign which we will use to unify all the marketing materials from the website to the DVD each family will receive to all the print materials. One week is ridicules! 

Luckily there is a really amazing designer working on our committee also so I’m hoping she will come up with the winning logo and that she will take care of print layouts… but just for a new perspective I created a few logo ideas as well. 

I can’t post them yet but I will once the exec board chooses the logo they like best. 

OK, so I could vent more openly but there are people from my church that read this and that would just be mean.

So onto other news…

Bailey is now sleeping in a BIG GIRL BED!  That’s right!  We took Parker’s crib apart (and put it at the curb as there were a few key pieces missing when we were given it last year), moved her to Bailey’s crib, rearranged their room to make the new toddler bed work and VIOLA! A big girl bed in the room and knock on wood, so far so good!  She fell out of bed once last night and cried out once also, but settled right down and never woke Parker.  They slept last night from about 7pm (when they finally fell asleep after lots of giggling and talking) until 5:45am! Amazing!  She’s so excited about it I need to get a photo.

There are other things I was going to talk about tonight but my eyes are getting the best of me and yearning for sleep.  Hope you all had a fabulous Monday!

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