the front porch massacre

This morning we woke up to find this outside.


Can you tell what this is?

Oh it’s one of two chocolate pudding cups that were smashed on our front porch last night.  Do you think it’s a coincidence that it’s spring break this week at the school Chris teaches at and the kids are potentially bored and/or partying too much?  The entire front porch is a mess.  There is pudding spread from the floor to the walls to the ceiling (the cup pictured is stuck to the wall next to the front door).  We need to now hook up our hoses for the season and turn the water on to clean up this incredible mess.

And have I mentioned that I am MAD?  I don’t curse much but oh how I cursed those that did this today.  It’s a sticky disgusting mess and ticks me off how rude and disrespectful someone must be to do this to a family. 

I could be wrong, but I’m blaming this on the stupid kids he teaches/coaches.  And no, I know not all the kids are stupid, and most days you would find me praising them, but not today. Today I am mad and they are getting the brunt of it!

There will be a big reward for anyone who has any information on the Pudding Culprit!

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