the park.

Although it rained all night, most of the morning and on and off all day we headed out to the park this afternoon to celebrate C’s last day of spring break.  Or maybe it was just because by the time naps are over we’re all a bit stir crazy, even with church this morning! Either way, we needed some outside time…




{ i love those curls! }


{ bailey took this photo of me and i just love it! }





The Newlyweds is over which means it’s bedtime… does anyone else just love this show?

Tomorrow is Monday and my spring is picking up at warp speed (booked 3 photo shoots and worked on 4 design projects this weekend!) so it’s going to be a get up and GO kind of day!

Oh, and if you need one more blog to read tonight, go to Candle at Both Ends b/c as usual, I laughed my pants off!

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