was easter today?

It’s sort of sad how easily a holiday as special as Easter can be skipped over when nothing about the day was "Easter". 

Chris woke up this morning sick so by 8am mom, dad and I had decided that it was time to go.  As much as we wanted to be there to help Abbie and Chris (have I mentioned before that we both married men named Chris?), my dad needed to get back to work tomorrow, I needed to get home to help take care of my two sick kids and now sick husband and we also have my Grandma’s wake tomorrow and funeral on Tuesday.

We had brunch at my sister’s, a quick photo shoot and then we hit the road.  We were home by 8:30pm tonight after a long day in the car.  It’s nice to be home and I can’t wait to see the girls in the morning, but I hate that I traveled so far and barely got to see my new niece or help Abbie+Chris out. 

I’m planning on some egg hunting tomorrow with the girls, a much needed grocery store run and just some good old fashioned play time.  Here are a few of the photos I took this morning… more to come as I finish the editing…


my dad and sam




mom, baby, dad, dog. i love this photo b/c it was SO hard to get!


do you see how tall chris is compared to ab?  :)



you might not be able to tell, but i was holding my breath! I was so scared to get her sick, but wanted to get one photo of me and sam to prove I was there with her for at least a minute! and please ignore how horrible i look… remember, I AM SICK!  :)

So that’s that. I’m sad we won’t see little Samantha for so long, but Abbie and Chris are already amazing parents and they’re going to do great.  Thanks for letting the blog be All Sam All the Time the last few days!

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