So busy working this week, trying to catch up from the two funerals and one birth that’s happened this month!  Hopefully by tomorrow night I will be back to normal posting…there are photos from today’s trip to the park I haven’t even gotten off the camera yet, which is not like me!

Two big things I got done today were for my sister, Abbie.  I finished editing the photos from our trip up there (there would have been millions more if I’d actually gotten to hang out with them while I was there!) and finished Sam’s birth announcement.  Some of you will be getting one in the mail I’m sure, so please pretend like you’ve never seen it before when you receive it!  I just had to post it b/c I had so much fun designing it… it coordinates (from my memory) with the PB bedding in Sam’s room which is fun, funky and colorful flowers.

So take a look at her album over on the left b/c my niece is beautiful!


Also, if you are in the mood for laughing out loud, go HERE! (and read like the last 4 posts!)

It totally made me wet my pants!

Oh, and although this is from the weekend, I have to show you how my SICK ROOM (aka, hotel room) looked in WI:



That was after just one night. One night, 3 bottles of water, multiple pills, snacks and one entire box of Kleenex.  Disgusting huh?

And I guess I’m feeling better, except that for the first time in the midst of this 3 week illness my throat hurts desperately bad.  If I’m not constantly drinking, eating or sucking on something I can barely talk.  It can’t go on much longer can it? I mean three weeks is plenty of sickness for me!

Super busy right now with design work but surprisingly not busy with photo shoots… I think St. Louis is still defrosting from this horrible winter and not thinking about going outside for photos! SO, if you know me, are related to me or have worked with me, watch your inbox in the next week for an email from me with a fun spring incentive!

And regular blogging should get back on track by the end of the week!

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