baby noah


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting tiny baby noah, his mom, dad and adorable big sister!  They had the most beautiful home in a part of the city that is a hidden treasure and the best part?  They did it all themselves!  I love couples that see potential in older homes.  Couples that don’t mind putting the work into saving an old house rather than just buying new. 

But I wasn’t there to photograph the house! So instead I got some shots of the great family that lived there!  :)


The album is to the left, "baby noah", so go check them out!




Tonight we ended up having dinner with friends and I have to tell you two of the funniest stories I have ever heard!

So my friend is pregnant with her third also, her two girls are 3 and 5 though so they do understand the fact that their mom is having a baby a tad more than my girls.  However, they are still 3 and 5 so their logic is sometimes hilarious!

Story #1 :: The 5 year old was looking at a pregnancy book, the kind with photos of all the stages the fetus goes through… you know what I mean.  Her husband asked if there was anything in there she shouldn’t see and she said no, it was fine.  At that moment she looked over and saw what her daughter was looking at, noticed the look on her face and grabbed the book as fast as she could.  The photo that had been studied by the 5 year old was a woman giving birth on her hands and knees with the doctor behind her delivering the baby.  Her daughter looked at her, completely terrified, and said, "Mommy, why was that lady pooping out a baby?"

My friend’s response:  "she was sick, do you want some ice cream?"

Pooped baby forgotten and ice cream served!

Story #2 :: My friend was watching Enchanted with her girls and her daughter told her that she just LOVED the movie. She then said, "The baby will love this movie too Mommy!"

Followed by:  "Will you open your mouth so the baby can hear?"

Of course she sat there with her mouth open!  :)

*I love kid logic!  :)

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