changes are a commin’

I have decided, after much thought and discussion with myself (yes myself, no one else really cares about my blog!), that I am going to do away with the Jodified side of this blog and just combine the two.  I’m getting too busy and it’s too complicated to make sure I’m keeping up with that side of things.  Not to mention I talk about my work over here anyway. 

SO, tonight my goal is to get this project done, but at least in the next few days please note that there will be some changes around here!

And if you have so sweetly linked the Jodified site on your blog, please go ahead and take that link off.  I would still appreciate all the links to this blog anyone wants to give me though!

Off to do bath/books/bed and then am plopping myself on the couch, laptop in shrinking lap with ALL NEW shows to entertain me tonight!  Are you all just DYING to see Grey’s tonight?  All day I’ve been counting down the hours! 

Until later my friends…

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