feelin’ the love.

We woke up this morning to a yard full of forks and C’s car looking oh so lovely!



What I love about this is not the mess we Chris has to clean up but the tradition. I love that I remember doing this to my high school coaches (the ones we liked at least), my lacrosse team I coached a few years back did it to me and now Chris has had his first taste too.  In such a strange and funny way it is a huge honor to have your players do this to you!

My favorite part was that the girls wrote "sorry Jodie" on the back of his car!

The other thing that had me really laughing this morning (at 6:30am) was Bailey.  She started picking up forks and then threw them down and said, "Mommy, there are just so many!"  I would have given up too!



The cones came from some road work equipment from across the street.


So although I thought it was great, Chris was not quite as happy! And me snapping photos while he unwrapped his car instead of helping him didn’t help either.  This is his, "Jodie, come on! Leave me alone!"  I see this face quite often through my lens actually. Hmmmm. Could it be that he hates having his photo taken? 

TODAY: rocks. Seriously rocks. My mom took the girls this morning and isn’t giving them back until tomorrow!  YAHOO!  I have done laundry, showered, picked up, packed away some winter girl clothes, created a massive pile of clothes for little Samantha, blogged and now I’m headed out to work work work! It’s amazing how much you can get done without little ones tugging on you all day! Thanks mom!

Happy Friday!

***beer and sports coming soon…***

***this blog isn’t changing except that I’ll be talking more about my work, only www.jodified.typepad.com/jodifieddesigns will be going away***

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