i blinked and missed spring.

This stupid city and its stupid weather.  I keep telling myself not to complain b/c I was complaining when it was cold too, but come on!  It is 77 degrees in our house right now and all I want to do is kick on the ac so I can actually sleep without sweating tonight!

Why does St. Louis go straight from winter to summer?  Where are the 60 degree days when you can run around at the park and not need bottles of water to stay hydrated?  Where is SPRING? 

With no answer to that question today I decided to just welcome summer by breaking out the kiddie pool.

So this afternoon, clad in swimsuits, hose on, pool filled and camera in hand, we welcomed the 80 degree summer-like weather…





i love that parker still has chubby baby feet!



i love love love the ringlets.


and i love love love her cute bottom without the diaper!


parker didn’t like being IN the cold water so she played in the hose with cups the whole time.

so yes, it’s a tad early, but the allen girls welcomed summer in with a splash today!

And we plan on doing it again tomorrow!

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