i’m a mom. i understand.

Every family has one of those days.  The ones when the husband is grumpy, the toddler is uncooperative, the baby skipped a nap, the weather isn’t what was predicted, etc.  Days like that can be hard to manage under normal circumstances, but add in trying to have the perfect family photo shoot and it just ups the frustration level, especially for the mom.  Moms are the ones that have spent countless hours planning and shopping and washing and ironing the perfect outfits.  They pack the snacks and blankies and sippy cups and everything else the family might need to get through 2 hours of photos. They spent lots of time convincing the unwilling husband that getting photos taken with their rapidly growing babies was a great idea, and then reminding them of that over and over as the day grew closer.

So when things go wrong the stress falls on the mom’s shoulders.  And because I’ve had photos taken of my own family, and because I have a one and two year old, and because my husband hates photos, and because I AM A MOM, I understand.

i. completely. understand.

So therein lies an unpublicized Jodified policy… if nothing is going right and I feel like I’m not going to get the shots that will make you fall in love with your crabby family all over again, then I will reschedule for FREE.  And I will of course go through and edit any photos from the original shoot to see if I did in fact get something as well as doing the re-shoot.

This helps take the stress out of photo shoots with young children.  And hopefully takes a load off the mom b/c the last thing an exhausted mom needs is more stress!

I am mentioning this b/c this happened for the first time yesterday and although we tried, it just wasn’t happening.  Even though the kids were adorable, the clothes choices were beautiful and the sky was bright, it just wasn’t working.  So we are rescheduling before Grayson comes and life goes on you know?

Here is one I got… one of a very few that I got!  :)


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