it’s monday morning and yes, i am going to talk about alcohol.

What possessed me to say that I would write a post about sports and beer is beyond me b/c although Chris follows all sports known to man, I know nothing. And I don’t drink.  So I’ve spent some time trying to figure out the best way to do this without making a complete fool out of myself and here you go.


I was tagged by Amy (7 random things about yourself) a while back and also by Emily (which I will do eventually I swear!) and have been putting them off, so I’m going to combine these two posts since I wasn’t sure what to talk about in either of them!


1. I played softball from kindergarten until freshman year in high school. I was the pitcher all those years and loved it, but then when they made me a swing player from JV to Varsity as a 9th grader the pressure became too much and I decided I hated it.  My parents thought I would go to college on a softball scholarship!
2. I was the head coach for the Gonzaga University Women’s Lacrosse team for one year in Spokane, WA. Our last tournament was about a month before I was due with Bailey and by the end of the weekend I was coaching from a chair and completely brain dead. Thankfully Chris stepped in and coached most of that last game for me.
3. I jogged up until I was 8 months pregnant with Bailey and my last day jogging wasn’t b/c I was ready to turn in my sneakers, it was b/c an older woman stopped me on the street during my run and said, "honey, I don’t think that’s good for the baby!"
4. Chris played 5 varsity sports our senior year in high school and was named "most athletic" which sort of embarrasses him but for some reason makes me incredibly proud.
5. When I was in middle school I played basket ball one year and hated every second of it. During a game I got my first foul and had to do a free throw (do you "do a free throw? I don’t even know the terminology!) I was so scared b/c I knew I would miss (having never made the shot in practice) that I stood there and cried. The ref had to walk over and say, "it’s ok, just shoot the ball!"
6. Bailey can do more Up/Downs than most of the kids on C’s soccer team, and of course he couldn’t be prouder.
7. In high school I was a pretty "good" kid (no drinking, smoking, drugs, sex, or even much cursing) and during one lacrosse game a girl from the other team and I were fighting for a ground ball that she finally won, but in winning the ball accidentally hit my head really hard with her stick. Caught up in the moment I paused for a second before chasing after her and screamed "you checked me in my head you F@#$ing B@#$%!" Not only did I curse big and LOUD, I was standing on the side of the field next to the entire parent section. That year I won the "potty mouth" award. My parents were so proud.


1. I’ve never actually tried a sip of beer.
2. I don’t drink normally, but if I do my favorite drink is a Tom Collins.
3. My claim to fame in college, and one of the only nights I drank, I did 12 vodka shots in under an hour. It just happened to coincide with the night I decided to wear a thong for the first time. In the middle of a room full of people I said, "I have had ENOUGH" and proceeded to take OFF the thong in front of everyone. Luckily I had great friends who rescued me from too much embarrassment!
4. Having never drank beer before it was ironic that I worked for a few years at a restaurant that had over 20 beers on tap. Over time I learned to describe those beers like I had personally drank a keg of each of them.
5. My senior year of high school one of my classmates died in a drunk driving accident, him vs. tree. That event only solidified my absolute fear of drunk driving and I will fight people to the death to take their keys.
6. I have never actually been hung over. Even after the 12 vodka shots!
7. At Christmas this past year we were having dinner at my parents and being pregnant, I was drinking sparkling cider instead of wine like everyone else. I asked Chris to get me another glass at one point and after drinking less than half I said, "I know you can’t get drunk off this stuff, but my head is starting to feel fuzzy."  Everyone started laughing b/c he had given me half cider/half wine thinking there was no way I would notice and sure enough, I was getting tipsy! (note: it is ok to have a glass of wine when pregnant so he was not trying to injure the baby!)

How’s that for a Beer/Sports post?  :)

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