men, i am warning you now to stop reading and move onto the next blog!

Ok men, you’ve been warned.


I am done being pregnant.

Not that I am ready to have three kids under three or go through the pains of breast feeding for a third time or deal with middle of the night feedings. 

But I am DONE with being pregnant. 

And honestly, I have easy pregnancies.  I am blessed in that God just simply makes it easy for me.  No morning sickness (queasiness for a few weeks is all), no stretch marks, not much weight gain (I’ve gained 10lbs total at 32 weeks), no serious problems with blood pressure or diabetes or anything, etc.


However. Something is happening now that has never happened before and I hate every second of it.

My yoohoo is swollen. By the end of the day I can barely sit, stand, walk or do anything but lay down. Thank goodness for my laptop.  I asked my OB today and she said it’s just normal, like how some women get swelling in their feet.  The difference being, or course, your feet are not rubbing between your legs with every step! 

So as I type this, I have a bag of frozen peas in that area, which feels good but totally creeps me out! 

Has this happened to anyone else?  Come on you mother’s out there, anyone? Be honest b/c I need some kind of support group for this!  I just want to know that I’m not the only strange one out there!

And yes, I have been bad about blogging lately.  I am just bogged down with deadlines and work and kids and life.  But after next week my life will be a ton more simple b/c the capital campaign work will be finished, or almost finished, and I can resume normalcy again. So bear with me!

And men, if you made it this far, I apologize for the seriously woman-centered post!  I promise I’ll talk about sports and beer tomorrow.

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