Soccer consumes our life in the spring.  It makes Chris miss the girl’s bedtime about 5 nights a week, he has games or practice every Saturday and when he does finally get home at night, rather than help me out with chores he either goes straight to bed exhausted or checks scores online, returns emails, deals with parents or rehashes the day with his assistant coaches.

Soccer causes a lot of fights between us and usually makes me feel like second fiddle.

So most days I hate/loath/despise and curse the person that first created that black and white ball.  But then comes a day when I get to watch an entire game without chasing the girls around the field, take a few photos and basically spend most of my time watching him coach.  And it is on those days that I am reminded why I love this part of him.

I coached lacrosse for a few years and had the pleasure of coaching with (and against) some amazing coaches.  But Chris is honestly the most gifted and talented coach I have ever known.  Seeing him in his element just makes me love him that much more.

Of course this doesn’t mean I will never complain about him coming home so late again and I’m sure it won’t stop the arguing over his lack of housework and definitely won’t make me love doing dinner/bath/bed every night without his help… but it does remind me about one of the things I truly love about him… his passion for soccer and high school aged kids.

He has a gift and I couldn’t be more proud of him.


and a few more photos from today…


{we are the white team}



{one of our sitters, Mia}



{i love how it looks like she’s kicking that kid in the head!}

Tomorrow:  Church, 11am photo shoot, 4pm photo shoot, 7pm meeting. Whew! So much for light duty!

not yet Grayson. not just yet.

So as if an earthquake isn’t exciting enough for an early Friday morning, contractions certainly are!

From about 7am-10am I had minor contractions about 3-5 minutes apart.  I knew it was false labor, or at least I hoped, but I’ve never had Braxton Hicks that were so regular.  So a call to my doctor and I was on my way to her office to be monitored.  By the time I got there they had slowed down considerably and then basically stopped.  Thank goodness b/c at 31 weeks it is way too early to welcome this little guy into our lives!  When she checked me I was not dilated, which is GOOD, but I am 60% effaced which just means things are starting down there already.  If I start having 4+ an hour again I have to go back in for them to do some tests to determine if I’m going into early labor.  There are medications that can help early labor and partial bed rest (my mother and husband’s nightmare!) which would possibly happen if I do end up in early labor.

Anyway, I’m sure I’m fine and everything will go back to normal.  So the official pregnancy update is…

31 weeks
9 pounds gained
measuring at 30 weeks
60% effaced

All good!

Prayers would be amazing and very welcome at this point!  Not only do I not want him early for his sake, we are also completely unprepared to have him come this early!  I have shoots scheduled and his room is a corner of a room right now and laundry is backed up and the bathroom needs cleaning and the list goes on!

So hang in there Grayson!

we were laying in bed this morning

trying to decide if Parker was back to sleep when the bed started shaking…

"Chris, are you moving your legs?"


"Then why is the bed moving?"

"i don’t know."

"Are we having an earthquake?"

He then gets up to look out the window b/c he thought it must just be a big truck or something and I am laying in bed trying to decide if I am crazy. 

"Well, if this is an earthquake that would just be a great way to end my week!"

"Jod, let’s not make everything about you."

So right.

And a great reminder for me to suck it up, find the positive from this crazy week and move on.  Thanks honey for keeping me grounded!

the highlight.

I can’t believe I forgot to write about the highlight of the week!

This morning the girls and I were playing doctor, which means I was sitting on the floor being poked and prodded by numerous "doctor" utensils.  Bailey had the stethescope and listened to my heart, then put it on my belly and listened to Grayson’s heart. 

"Mommy, what Gwayson doing?"

"I think he’s sleeping because he’s not moving around right now."

"Maybe Gwayson need batries."

"He needs batteries?"

"Then he move again."

"Good thinking Bails!"

"After wunch we go store and buy batries for Gwayson."

I seriously love that kid.

The smile she put on my face made the entire week better.

where in the world do I begin?

Short version of my week:

Monday… After 12 excruisiating hours of phone help the hard drive officially crashed and at 8pm I dropped off my MAC Book Pro at the Apple Store to get a new hard drive installed.

Tuesday… Woke up and decided that it was going to be a better day so at 7:30am I loaded the girls in the car to go out to breakfast.  The car wouldn’t start.  6 tries later I got it started, drove straight to the mechanic who took me to the rental car office so that 2 hours later with starving screaming kids I was able to drive to breakfast.  4pm photo shoot with adorable baby Noah. 8pm was able to go pick up the "new" computer but couldn’t use it until the "Genius Bar" could show me how to put my saved files back on.

Wednesday… 8am get into my PT Cruiser (oh yeah baby) and find out the power steering has gone out.  Drive to rental car guy and trade out car for another rental car.  9am meeting with the Apple Genius guy who reassured me that my client files and work stuff was safe. Whew. Also showed me that the 5700 photos on iPhoto were gone (mostly my kids/family pics), all of our family movies from the last 6 months were gone, all of my iTunes were gone and a few other slightly less significant things were gone too.  3pm get a call from mechanic, my car is possessed and needs to go to a dealer.  Spontaneously the lights would flash and the doors would lock/unlock with no one near the car.  They had no idea what was wrong.  Worked until 1am on the church campaign stuff. Parker woke up at 3am, threw a tantrum until 5am. Everyone awake at 6am.

Thursday… Got more work done, drove car to dealer, picked up car from dealer, got ice cream with the girls to celebrate shorts weather today and welcomed Grandma home from Wisconsin (she has been VERY missed this week!). 

So yes, this week just was a comedy of errors but today felt like it was finally looking up.

Back to blogging tomorrow? Bad luck gone? I’m playing it all by ear at this point!


In a nutshell. My day.

8am I was on the phone with Adobe trying to get Illustrator fixed. By 1pm they said it must be my hard drive. 2pm on the phone with Apple. System failure. Hard drive crashed. Erase entire hard drive. Reinstall. Failure. Hard drive still crashing. 8pm at Apple store. New hard drive ordered. Pay for ProCare and faster repair time.

8:35pm in Apple store, checking email for the first time, blogging to let you know I won’t be blogging until my baby F@#&%*#*@# computer comes home.

This has been one of the longest days of my life.

I backed up some things, wondering what I missed. Did the 5700 photos get saved? Are all of my client photos saved? Design work? Videos? Lord, what did I miss?

I will be officially missing my deadlines this week but hopefully by tomorrow night I will have a new hard drive, a happy computer, and can begin work again.

Couldn’t be sadder right now as my computer is my life only way to work.

Guess I’ll get a lot of laundry done tomorrow.

free mac book pro.

I have spent the entire day (minus time for church and meals) trying to get Adobe Illustrator to open on this stupid thing.  I’ve even tried "fixing" it with the original CS3 disk and both times (after waiting over an hour) the installation has frozen.  Up until today I have never had a problem with a mac in my life.  And right now I am ready to toss this fing thing into the street!

My next step, which terrifies me, is to uninstall the entire suite of programs and reinstall them.  If I lose these programs I will die.  That means no photo editing, no design work , no nothing until I can figure this problem out.  And no work means no money and unhappy clients!  UGH!

So that’s my Sunday, how’s yours?


Is it sad that I’m glad it’s Friday night b/c I know I can work late, work tomorrow while Chris helps with the girls, work Sunday and maybe start to catch up? 

Yes. It is sad.

The reason I popped on here, however, is b/c I just had to share some great photos!  There is a woman at my church, Peg Cooper, who has been the resident parish photographer since I was a baby and she’s amazing.  I asked her for some photos for the capital campaign print items I’m working on and tonight as I was editing them a little I found some really great shots!

Because there are Emmanuel parishioners that read this blog I thought they might like to see a few…

*photos taken by Peg Cooper, edited by me




Aren’t those beautiful?  I love playing with the color in photos without people!  You have so much more flexibility b/c you don’t have to worry about skin tones. 

The weather is supposed to be horrible this weekend but I would love to go walk around church and take some photographs of my own, it really is a beautiful church.

Ok, back to work! 

my tummy.

I never had maternity photos done during either of the girl’s pregnancies and honestly never really thought about it.  But now that I’m photographing so many new moms it made me want some too!  So my friend Erin Duggin of Just The Thing agreed to trade work (I love having a photographer friend!) and did our shoot yesterday!  I love so many of them and once I get the disk I will post more, but here are a few of my favorites…




Thanks again Erin!

ps… family… if you are interested in purchasing a print or two, especially of the girls, email me and I will send you her website where you can order prints!

hard to love.

As I was emailing my blogger friend, Fern, this morning about her comment on yesterday’s post I came to a sort of realization.  So of course I felt the need to share.

Parker is hard to love.

I actually remember my mom saying that to me as a kid.  I would be acting like a brat or acting out or whatever and she would say, "you are making it hard to love you."  Of course I didn’t get it at the time and haven’t thought about it since, but as I was writing my thoughts it came to me.

Bailey was just born with a sweet heart.  She is kind and empathetic and just good 99% of the time.  And the times she is not so good it is easy to get her to stop what she’s doing or calm down.  She very rarely has breakdowns and never throws tantrums.  And even at a very early age she listened… at 1 she would hold your hand calmly while you waited in line at a store for example. 

So then Parker came along and has a spunkiness about her that Bailey doesn’t and definitely has more of an opinion about things.  She is quick tempered, hard to settle when she’s mad, energetic and unreasonable.  Of course there are also a million wonderful things I could list also, but most days those things are smothered by the not so great qualities.  And on a daily basis I have to remind myself of those good qualities just to not kill her by bedtime.

But I’d never thought of it in terms of "she’s just hard to love" until this morning and I think that sort of hits the nail on the head.  Bailey is easy to love and Parker is just harder.  I love them both of course and I’m not saying I love Bailey more, she just makes it easy.

So that is my new challenge I guess. Teaching myself to find it easier to love Parker each day.  And just as I’m typing this, Bailey is laying quietly on the couch watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Parker is running around chasing a bouncy ball.  It is easy for me to love the fact that Bailey can sit for a while and watch tv so that I can blog or answer emails in the morning.  Parker, who is running around throwing/chasing a ball which is of course knocking into things and making a mess, is harder.  But how great that she is actually entertaining herself for a few minutes!  So see, I just have to overlook the mess and destruction to appreciate the fact that she’s giving me this time right now.

Are anyone else’s kids like this?  One is easy, the other hard?  How two kids born into the same family can be so drastically different amazes me!

Just to share a moment I loved from the other day:


i love watching the girls play together!


On a side note this morning, please keep little Weston in your prayers.  Kurt and Beth had to take him to Children’s Hospital last night b/c he was rapidly breathing for over 2 hours last night.  They have now admitted him and are doing tests/observing him to figure out what’s happening.  That’s all we know at this point, I will update the blog if we hear anything else, just be praying for them today.  And here is an AMAZING photo that my friend Erin Duggin took of little Weston:


Isn’t that simply awesome?  I am in love with it!  Erin took my maternity photos yesterday so when I get them from her of course I will share them also.  Erin is working on a new website and will have her own blog soon so watch for that!

Ok, off to shower, do laundry, straighten up, hit the OB, work at KCCI, yaddah yaddah yaddah! Let’s hit this day running!