Last weekend I got to do two senior photo shoots down in Soulard.  I love that area for photos b/c it allows me to find different spots to shoot and the lighting is great (building shade is always better than tree shade b/c it’s so solid).  Not to mention just walking around that neighborhood is fun b/c of the wonderful old buildings and alleys and nooks.

I will say that after two shoots that require a lot of walking I was pretty sore!  But it was totally worth it!

Katie was my first senior that day and we actually threw in her family for a bunch of shots so when you look at her album it’s not just her.

Thanks for a great morning Katie!


Today:  Our day started out great, the girls slept through the entire night with no crying so at 6am I was happy to get up with them!  But then at 7am Parker threw-up EVERYWHERE which sort of turned the morning for me.  Grandma is on her way to pick them up, sick kid and all, so that I can work all day on the Emmanuel Campaign materials… I’ll post the big project we finished last week for it later.  So hopefully Parker will feel better and Grandma’s day will go smoothly.  Either way I am going to work as fast as humanly possible to knock this sucker out.

This day will NOT kick my butt!  I’m all over you Tuesday! 

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