a bit of randomness.

Enjoying this long weekend, although last night and today I have been feeling dizzy and a little queasy. What’s strange is that I don’t actually feel sick though. I’m wondering if this is my body’s way of telling me it’s almost time? Has this happened to anyone else?

My in-laws took the girls for dinner and a sleepover so that I can rest, which is amazing, so right now I’m laying on the couch about to edit some photos and thought I would post a few random photos/items.

1. Popsicles

I bought one of those make-your-own Popsicle things at Target last week and filled it with apple juice… it’s now exactly how we spend every night after dinner! Sitting on the front porch, watching the girls suck away at their frozen apple juice and loving every second of it!


*do you love the head band? C’s soccer team gave the girls sunglasses and headbands last week and Bailey has yet to take it off… and insists on wearing it like a disco queen!

2. GoGo

I talk about my MIL occasionally but never have photos of her. I got ONE so I thought I would post it.


This was very voyeuristic of me b/c I knew that if the girls saw the camera the moment would be over. So no flash, low light and very grainy… but a moment of playtime with their GoGo.

3. Grayson’s Room

I think I mentioned that last Monday my mom and Terri (MIL) came over all day and helped me decorate the nursery. His room is connected and open to our bedroom, the walls were already painted and the curtains were already up, all coordinated with our bedroom. So it was tough to figure out how to make his room work with our bedroom decor and still look like a nursery.  The colors are pale blue (walls) with red/white accents.  I think it turned out amazing and I am in love with it!



*kind of hard to see, but the bedding (made by Terri) is retro cowboy for the dust ruffle and outside of the bumper.  the inside of the bumper is solid red with his monogram at the head and foot of the crib. the sheets are blue/white gingham from Pottery Barn Baby.
*the suitcase you see is an antique one from my Grandpa and hides our modem and wireless router b/c it’s the only place we can have it plugged in.

*the wardrobe was hand made by my dad’s great grandpa. i will take more photos of it later b/c even the inside is cute!

*the quilt was made by one of my grandma’s best friends, Opal, and I love it. The dresser will be the changing table for a while.
*his room is basically a hallway with our room behind where I was standing to take the photo, the door to the hallway on the left and the door to the bathroom straight ahead.  when you are out of room you do what you can with what you have!

*felt banner made by Terri.

**More detailed photos to come as I get the decorations up, the carpet in, etc.

4. Pinch Me Designs

My MIL is an amazing decorator. Her home is really beautiful and she’s worked for friends and family for years without getting paid. Just this year she finally launched her own business and has been successful by just word of mouth. She decided that she was finally ready for a logo, business cards, invoices, etc. and asked me to design something for her. Here is what her business card will look like…


Isn’t it cute? :)

So I think that’s it. Just a bit of randomness on this Saturday afternoon!  Hope you’re enjoying your long weekend!

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