art is art is art

One of my favorite things about being a mom is allowing my kids to get messy and creative. I love paint and chalk and pastels and everything art related a kid can make a mess with. Oh and glue, love glue.

So today, before the rain hit, AGAIN, I stripped down the girls and let them paint on the patio. Usually when we paint inside on paper I use just plain old acrylic paint from Michaels. You know, classic craft paint. It’s cheap, washable (off hands not clothes) and easy. But if I allow them to really get messy I use powdered tempera kid paint I bought online at Oriental Trading Company (you can get it anywhere though). I love the powdered paint b/c 1. it lasts forever and 2. it can be so watered down it ends up looking more like watercolors.

I know a lot of moms that do not let their kids paint b/c they hate the mess. THIS IS A CHALLENGE! Let your kids PAINT! Let them get messy. Embrace the mess! Embrace the fact that you are feeding their little creative souls and what could be more important than that?







I love the progression of the mess!  And nothing a good hose-down can’t take care of!

So take the challenge! Get messy with your kids or at least let them get messy!

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