at 5:30am we hear this:






HI Parter! Dood Morning!

(you can hear Parker sort of moaning as if to say, "shut up you stupid kid and go back to sleep!")

Then, I kid you not, for the next TEN minutes while we laid there moaning ourselves, Bailey said over and over and over and OVER again:

"I SO glad you wate up!"

It was cute the first couple of times. By the end of the 10 minutes when I was basically booting C out of bed to go get them it was like nails on a chalk board. A broken record.  But a broken record that I would have recorded if I’d been more awake b/c  this stage of loving sisters may not last all too long! Melts my heart how much they love each other.

I got to sleep in this morning (thank you Chris!!!) and C took the girls to the park (at 6:30am) and then out to breakfast. He even brought me home an order of french toast! So nice.

We hit the pool (third day in a row), had lunch and now everyone is snoozing while I pretend to work.

The best part of this day? 



I’ve been waiting for this since the moment it went off the air and I cried for a week! It’s going to be like watching a 2 hour episode I haven’t already seen 16 times! And I’m going with my good friend Angie who is obsessed with the ladies as much as I am!  This is not a movie you can go see with just anyone in my opinion. You have to be a die hard fan who has seen each and every episode enough times to know all the tiny details and nuances of Samantha, Carrie, Charlotte and Miranda b/c if I went with someone who leaned over and said, "who’s Mr. Big?", I would have to drown them in their soda and stuff the body under the seat. Seriously.

So I’m sitting here just counting the minutes until the previews start and the popcorn is in my lap!

Hallelujah it’s Saturday!

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