it’s not just a bump anymore, it’s a shelf.

That’s right. At 36.5 weeks my belly is officially bigger than it has been with any other pregnancy! It’s the perfect size for a Parker seat which is why I swear she wants to be held all day long.


Here are the very uninteresting stats:

36.5 weeks | 2 cm dilated | lost 1 lb this week which puts my total gain at 9lbs (which is incredible considering yesterday alone I ate a chocolate long john donut, funnel cake, french fries and ice cream) | measuring 35 weeks | constant and annoying contractions that my OB has assured me is only b/c 1. it’s my third and 2. because my kids are all so close together and DOESN’T mean I will go into labor any earlier. I even had a big one while she was measuring my belly and she said, "wow, that was a big one!"  Whatever lady, just get this kid out!

Anyway, I have given in to the fact that I will just suffer through these contractions a couple more weeks and am planning things that I can look forward to, like a night out with a friend to see Sex in the City this weekend! So excited about that!

I actually have more to post tonight so I will be back later with photos from our art project today!

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