nice surprises.

I love nice surprises. Who doesn’t really?

I had the nicest surprise from one of my clients yesterday that was so over the top thoughtful it brought tears to my eyes.

When picking up her disk of photos from my front porch she left a bag of frozen dinners for when Grayson comes and a sweet thank you card.  Pasta and stir-fry and chicken and lasagna, all things my family loves, all things easy to throw together after a long day with three kids and all so incredibly thoughtful.


This business I have created, at a time in my life that couldn’t be more hectic, and one I have doubted a million times, has brought me more blessings in my life than almost anything else. I wonder, often, why God gave me the desire to start Jodified last summer right before getting pregnant with Grayson. A completely impossible time to start my own business when during my busy fall time I was overcome with anxiety about this baby and queasiness/exhaustion from the first trimester. And during my busy spring time I am turning clients away due to the size of my belly and the impossibility to get into the positions it takes to get the good shots!  But then I look back at the amazing women (and kids/husbands) I’ve met and gotten to know. I see how working late at night has kept me sane some weeks b/c I always have something for myself at the end of the day that has nothing to do with being a wife or mother.  I see how I have consistently been learning and growing in my photography and design which excites me for the future. And I see how the extra money I make has helped my family scoot past some tight times this year.

The blessings are so amazing that I am constantly in awe of how God’s timing is always perfect, no matter how bad it might feel sometimes.

Thank you to all the people I’ve had the pleasure of working for this year. Thank you to all the women I’ve been able to connect with and have ultimately become more than just clients. Thank you to all of you that read this blog, comment here and make me feel like I’m just not so alone in my feelings/thoughts/life.

And thank you, Sarah, for the bag of food. It meant the world to me.

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