no boys allowed should be our first rule.

A while back I stole an idea from an amazing photographer, Melissa Jill, to start a club of sorts.  Through blogging Melissa had "made friends" with a bunch of other women photographers from all over the country and they all ended up going to the Outer Banks for a week of girl bonding, photography and sharing business ideas.  I loved reading about her adventure there and all the amazing ideas she had after that week and it made me want to have something like that here too.

Luckily, I have two amazing photographer friends and I emailed both of them a couple of months ago with the idea to start getting together once a month or so for dinner/photography/chatting.  They loved the idea and a few weeks ago we had our first meeting!  I haven’t blogged about it b/c 1. we don’t have a name and I feel like our little club needs a name and 2. I was brain dead that night and didn’t take many photos so I was waiting to get my hands on the ones they took.

Anyway, what I love about this whole idea is what it can do for each of us.  We are all young moms and balance raising our kids and running our own businesses with other work (I work part-time at KCCI and Emily is a teacher), our homes, husbands, etc.  Running your own business with very small children is a gigantic challenge and it’s nice to know other women in your same situation to learn from, vent to, steal ideas from, etc.  All three of us have slightly different styles of photography, different levels of knowledge, are good at different aspects of running a business and basically have so much to learn from one another.

The first night was so great and I can’t wait to meet again!  Oh, and I guess I should mention the lovely ladies in the club!

Emily Southerland:  I "met" her through blogland, and after commenting on each other’s blogs for a while we realized we both lived in St. Louis.  We emailed and talked on the phone then got together for the first time a few months ago when her son was just a wee little thing!  We became friends immediately. She’s been taking photos for a long time and has amazing knowledge of her camera, but is just now starting her own business. HERE is her personal blog and HERE is her website. Check her out!

Erin Duggin:  Erin and I actually went to middle school, high school and college together. We were friends but are closer now as adults then we were back then and I am truly blessed to have her in my life. She started her business about 5 years ago I think, so she’s definitely the veteran in the group. She has amazing photography skills (she did our wedding and does all of our family photos… she took the ones of the girls on my banner) but is also a very talented fine artist! She does all sorts of wonderful things and although she’s about to launch her new website, go check out her current one to get an idea of how talented she is!  HERE it is. Oh and soon she will have a blog also so we can all start stalking her!

So I will eventually have an album up of our night together, but here are the few I got…

Emily ::



Erin ::









So as you can see, I took a lot of photos of them taking photos… mainly b/c do you see the position Erin is in above? Yeah, that’s really hard for me to do right now. And really, I was just not feeling the camera mojo that night.  When I get the photos they took I will put up an album b/c I’ve seen Erin’s and they are really great!

TODAY :: Picking up my car from getting an over-haul, picking up our new cell phones, working for KCCI, trying to find time to watch the TWO HOUR SEASON FINALE of GREY’S ANATOMY online that I missed last night, laundry and playing. Hoping to snag a shower in there somewhere. Would love a nap, but that’s a stretch isn’t it?

Happy Friday before a long and wonderful weekend!

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