patton family

I’ve been timing contractions since 5pm and it’s driving me crazy.  For an hour or so they will be 5 minutes apart, then they will slow down but get more intense. I am so SICK of this false labor I could scream! Part of me just wants to go make them induce me so I can stop feeling like this.

Anyway, in the midst of counting these freaking contractions I got the Patton family shoot finished. They were so much fun to work with b/c 1. I fell in love with the mom, which is something that happens on almost every single shoot b/c it’s so much fun to bond with other women and make new friends 2. the boys were adorable with the most beautiful blue eyes and 3. I love love loved their house! 


The first time we tried to get the photos done it just didn’t work. The weather was cooler than the cute outfits they had chosen, the baby didn’t nap, etc.  So we did the reshoot at their house and it went so much smoother!


This was one of my favorite shots b/c I didn’t take it!  Their son who was not really in the mood for photos "helped" me and got this shot! I let him play with the camera to get him interested in what I was doing and it worked wonders… not to mention he did a great job!

Check out their album for more on this cute family!

And pray that maybe, just maybe, tomorrow you will be reading about Grayson being here!

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