7 days.

A blogger friend, Maureen, emailed me today with a link to the website of Elizabeth Mitchell, an incredible folk singer. She has a few CDs out that you can buy on iTunes, we have "Catch the Moon" (where she sings with Lisa Loeb… a really great children’s CD!) but the song Maureen wanted me to hear is from her album, "You Are My Flower", and I hadn’t heard it before.

It’s called, "1 Day, 2 Day, 3 Days Old" and I can’t stop thinking about it. I found it on iTunes and immediately bought it. And then I sat here and cried. Then I listened to the song again and cried some more.

Go HERE to listen to it (click on "flower" and then listen to the song) or look it up on iTunes and if you’ve ever had a baby you’ll understand.

And as I type this and listen to it again, with my 7 day old laying on my chest, the tears are falling still.

How do you cherish every single second with a baby you know is your last?  How do you enjoy every moment in the middle of a crazy life? How do you not mourn all the "last times"?

I don’t want to be sad that I’ll never again hold a sleeping one week old baby again, but I just can’t help it.

Time goes by so fast that I know these days are limited and fleeting. I also know I won’t remember much of them b/c of the chaos of our life. I want to hold this time in a bottle that I can open again years later and remember the smell of their baby skin, the sweet gentle weight of them on my chest, the even deep breaths of sleep and the way their bodies almost become one with mine. But there isn’t a bottle big enough and so the days will slip by and the time will pass.

These are my three babies. This is our time together. I pray to God that I am able to stop every day and enjoy the details of this life.


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