Do any of you watch TLC?

Since Grayson joined us I spend a big chunk of my day and night sitting in our bed breast feeding (which is going amazingly well by the way!) and watching tv or blog hopping or both. Anyway, TLC is one channel that I can keep on almost all day and there is a commercial on there right now that makes me smile every time. It’s advertising the new show about Ashley Paige the bikini designer. In the commercial her mom says to her…

"try not to worry about the bills, here’s a biscuit for ya."

It makes me smile b/c I could see my Grandma telling me that. "Don’t worry about the bills and three babies and work, I made you a pot roast."  I just love it.

So this weekend was great. So great to see Abbie and Sam and Pat. So great to go to the mall and survive my first time breast feeding in a fitting room. So great to stock up on socks for the kids (I only splurge on socks and buy them exclusively at GAP, they just fit better on babies/toddlers). So great to just hang out with family and friends.


Friday night was the Episcopal City Mission Summer Solstice which is an amazing event that my mom is in charge of… Parker loved the face painting!


I adore this photo of my mom and sam!


Ab and I spent lots of time breast feeding together!


the babies had a mini photo shoot…



and my favorite series of photos…





I love the last photo b/c I was concentrating on the girls not dropping Grayson instead of my camera so my settings were completely off! But hey, that’s life.

Notice how out of it Bailey looks? That’s b/c yesterday she woke up, started watching her shows, had her snack and juice and then threw up everywhere. So at 5:45am Chris had her in the bath and I was scrubbing puke off the couch and out of the carpet. At 6am I called my mom to come get Parker b/c we couldn’t keep her away from the throw up or from bailey. The rest of the day she was tired but acted normal for the most part so we just thought it was a fluke. Until last night at 10:30pm when parker started throwing up. She finally was back asleep (on the pull-out couch with Chris) at 1am but with Bailey awake at 5:30am and Grayson feeding I got no sleep last night. I think they both are feeling better today.

A BIG shout out to my mom and mother-in-law b/c today I was supposed to have all three kids by myself all morning while Chris had soccer camp but I was worried about having the girls near Grayson if they are sick. So my mom took Bailey and Terri took Parker for me. It was so nice to be able to stay in bed and doze between feedings for a couple of hours. THANK YOU!

Speaking of feedings, here we go again.

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