lesson learned.

Six days postpartum +
one hour trip to Sams Club =
Bad Idea

* I wanted to stock up on some things like trash bags and snacks and cookie dough and paper towels so that when I make a run to the grocery store we have lots of everyday items and I don’t have to buy so much. So I planned this big trip to Sams with my mom today and took Grayson. He did great in the sling and I bought lots of good stuff but I am in so much pain tonight I feel like I delivered him yesterday.

Because I’ve done this so many times already my OB assumed I remembered the rules of taking it easy but I honestly don’t. Anyone out there remember? I have no stitches (thank you Dr. Smith!) so I really just assumed I could do whatever, but my pain level tonight speaks otherwise. (Nancy or Lindsey, are you out there?)

So for all of those reading to learn from my idiot mistakes, here’s one! Pushing a cart at Sams loaded to the MAX is NOT a good idea six days postpartum.

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