race for the cure.


The Allen family walks in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure every year and this is no exception. Unfortunately, the race this year is on June 21st, one day after what was my due date and although Grayson is here, he and I are definitely not up for walking the race! So Chris will take the girls and along with C’s entire family they will walk.

It’s really amazing what an event this is in his family and I hate that I have to miss this year, as I think we’ve walked every year since we were engaged. We even walked in Spokane and made a scrapbook for his Grandparents to show them our experience out there. I just love that his Grandpa makes this walk so special for everyone, even out of town cousins come in for it.

Anyway, if you have your Saturday morning free I want to encourage all the St. Louisians out there to walk. Our family just goes to the walk at Des Peres Park b/c getting everyone down town and staying together is hard now that our group is so big. It also makes it a lot easier for those of us with small children. The Race is at 10am at Des Peres Park but HERE is the website link so you can check out the other walks also.

And speaking of the Allen family, I have a cute photo of Bubba (C’s dad) with Grayson and it reminds me that he’s the only grandparent I have a photo of holding him! I seriously need to get my camera out and get some shots of this little life! 


I think there is a family resemblance! Really, he looks just like Chris I think.

Anyway, today has been GREAT! Grayson slept like a champ last night: 12am-4:30am and then I actually woke him up at 8:30am b/c I felt like my breasts were going to fall off my body if he didn’t eat soon (MEN, I will warn you that in the early days of nursing I will talking about my breasts an awful lot and I apologize now for that). It was amazing that he did so well. After a good feeding we went and picked the girls up so we could head to Target. Isn’t Target the best place for a family outing? Seriously. We got a new sprinkler for the girls and some new yard tools for Chris and the three of them have been outside since we got home playing in the pool/sprinkler/slide while C has been chopping away at some of our weeds. So great.

And me? I’ve been inside putzing around and enjoying the air conditioning. And really enjoying my sleeping baby.

I have a SAMS trip later and I feel a photo shoot coming on. Somehow I want to get a cowboy photo for his nursery (maybe incorporating the beautiful bedding Terri, C’s mom, made for us?!?) and something with a soccer ball… the ideas are brewing. The day is half over so I hope you all are well on your way to a great day as well! Mountain Dew is pumping through my veins so let’s go!

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