vikki and john

In just about one month I will be photographing my very first wedding! Nervous excitement is already flowing through my veins! Vikki came across my blog from a friend of hers who hired me for family photos last fall and liked my work enough that she was willing to hire me even though I have no wedding experience. She’s totally laid back and I’ve loved working with her so far so I know her big day will go perfectly. And as a back-up I’ve hired Erin to work with me since she has lots more wedding experience than I do!




A few weeks before baby, Erin, Vikki, John and I headed to the Botanical Gardens for their engagement session and I just posted the photo album over on the left… go check them out b/c they are ADORABLE! I love engaged couples b/c they are so in love and so excited to start their lives together! Kids haven’t sucked the energy out of them yet! :)

I’m hoping to post some work things this week, items I meant to post 2 weeks ago when I was interrupted by Grayson. 

It’s 7:30pm… is it too early to go to bed?

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