we’re already at the end of this first stage. amazing.

the first big hurdle in my mind that we had to get over was having three kids under the age of three. i’m not sure if any other moms of young children think like this, but I’ve sort of divided up our life in chunks and although I work everyday to enjoy the moments, I also like to think about the big chunks we need to get through. Like having three in diapers I want to get through and I’m looking forward to having all three potty trained. I hate to admit that I already dream about my life when all three are in school full time!

Anyway, we’re already crossing one of the chunks off our list as Bailey turns 3 on July 8th and that’s coming up faster than I think. This year we’re only having a dinner with immediate family to keep it simple after her big kid birthday party last year but I still felt like she needed a cute invitation. Of course. Although rather than pay to print them for only our parents and siblings I just emailed the invite to everyone… a great solution! 

I will get sappy about my baby turning three when it gets closer and I’m hopefully not operating on only 2 hours of sleep, AGAIN. But for now I’ll show you the invite which will be added to the "birthday" album on the right.


TUESDAY. Once my mom drops off Bailey in 30 minutes I will officially have all three kids by myself for the first time. Yikes. I wish I wasn’t so exhausted so I felt more like Super Mom or something because right now I just want to make them all take naps so I can sleep. I do have a GREAT craft project idea to (hopefully) share tomorrow that I’m planning on doing with the girls this afternoon. But to do that I need an IV drip of Mountain Dew and maybe even a nap. Here’s hoping Grayson times his sleep with the girls later. It’s getting harder and harder to feel the need to GO… someone tell me when breast feeding all night gets easier b/c I’ve always been able to hand the baby and the bottle to Chris when I was too tired!

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