Blog Banners

Hello fellow bloggers!

I’ve come to realize that bloggers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are moms just telling it like it is, some are growing their business, some are sharing their craft, some need to vent and some just need an outlet for their writing. And while all bloggers like to write and share their story, not all are good at making their blogs match their words.

You’ve seen them, blogs that you LOVE reading but when you first get there and see their banner you don’t think they’ll have much to offer. Banners are a blog’s first impression and you want yours to be great!

That’s where I come in! For TWENTY FIVE DOLLARS I will take your photos, your words and your ideas to create a banner just for you! $25 is a STEAL people! Just email me your photos, your title, your ideas and I’ll take it from there.

The Details:

Cost: $25 ::: there is a PayPal button for your convenience… pay when you receive your design!
Time: In one week I will have your design emailed to you.
Design: Included in your cost is one design and one redesign. If we need a third round of changes and additions there will be an additional $15 fee.

Email me, Jodie Allen, at for more information or to order your blog banner today!











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