I’m sticking with hell.

I don’t really curse that much but lately I’ve noticed a lot of "hells" on here and I think I’m happy with it. And it’s a good thing because holy hell people, this is some post I’ve got coming up…

First things first. Last week I mentioned the fact that, at least in our life, we’re going to look back 20 years from now and see all these adorable photos of the kids but none of our REAL life. I’ve decided that I take too many nice shots of the kids and am missing out on the parts of life that I’m going to forget. I already forget how the house looked on a daily basis when Parker was an infant and I really don’t remember the details of our house in Spokane when Bails was a baby. I also don’t remember what my body looked like after Bailey or Parker except that I know I wasn’t happy… and I had NO stretch marks after those kids. It’s a shame really b/c it’s these tiny details that I would love to know about my own childhood and my mom doesn’t remember either.  SO I challenged you and myself to take a moment and photograph the not so appealing parts of life. We’ve got the good, how about the bad and the ugly?

Fern answered the call HERE and so did Tara HERE.  Check these brave ladies out! And it’s not too late to take the challenge yourself… Abbie? Erin? Emily? Maureen?

SO here’s mine :::


I am absolutely ashamed that I let food run so low at our house. It’s gotten even worse since Grayson’s come b/c running to the store is such a task now. There are days I can barely throw together a meal and this is exactly why we live on Imo’s Pizza so much. I did make it to the grocery store this afternoon (and have a great story to tell later) so it does look slightly better now.


Poor Chris. This is what he wakes up to. Ratty hair pulled back haphazardly, a maternity tank top with the huge nursing bra straps showing and a baby always with me. Very attractive. See mom? No need to worry about #4 coming anytime soon!


This is by our front door and drives me crazy. There are always a million bags hanging there and it always looks cluttered. Without a lot of storage in this house though I haven’t found a better place for all that crap, but I digress. That’s not what I’m admitting today…


THIS is. Do you see the bunnies? Yes, it’s July and I still have Easter decorations up. Just on this one shelf. Somehow I managed to take them down everywhere else.  What is wrong with me and my lazy self?


The girls laundry is my constant downfall. I’ve gotten ours and Grayson’s under control, but I always have at least one basket of clean clothes at the bottom of the stairs and at least one in their bedroom just waiting to be carried up or put away. It’s the chore I just never get to.


And speaking of laundry… our laundry room was right off the kitchen in Spokane but here it’s in the dark and scary basement so in an attempt to be down there as little as possible I’ve given up cleaning the dryer. It absolutely grosses me out, but I never do anything about it.


I have no idea how to use make-up so now I look tired all the time and can’t cover it up. Attractive huh?

OK ladies, hold onto your hats.


Oh yes. My stretch marks. Oh yeah, AND the nice dark line from my belly button to my you know where. These little beauties are all Mr. Grayson Man. Thank you very much sir. And somehow this photo makes my tummy look incredibly flat, but trust me, there is a good chunk of pooch there.

Was that ugly enough for you? Seeing just a few of the ugly parts of my life was actually very liberating and slightly refreshing. I’m not hiding anymore. I hate food shopping, my laundry is out of control, my dryer is filthy, I look like crap 100% of the time now and oh yes. Hell Yes. I have stretch marks.

Now, b/c I also have been wanting to share some other bits and pieces I’m going to keep writing, although I know this is already the world’s longest post.


Too cute. Grayson passed out in the midst of me putting laundry away earlier tonight. I think I have a photo like this of all three kids!


Have I mentioned that this is going to be a handmade Christmas in this house? I’m either making the gifts or buying them from people making the gifts… buying a lot from ETSY. So one plan is to make some felt food for the girl’s kitchen. I have recruited the help of my very talented MIL, Terri, b/c she actually knows how to sew, but I am going to do some by hand just for fun too. This egg is all I have so far but it’s a start! I will post more as I create them.

And last but certainly not least… I have to show you Gray’s new trick! He’s such a strong baby for 6 weeks!


He can even lift his chest off the ground!

Tonight I’m going to bed early b/c I am tired. Very very tired. Tomorrow I will post the fish game, our great dinner idea (that has nothing to do with cooking), my grocery store story and some adorable photos I snagged today of B and G. So with that and a few stretch marks I’m out of here!

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