a weekend challenge.

I was playing around with some really basic kid thank you designs tonight and as I was creating this one I started thinking about the photo of Bailey I stuck in there…


It’s a cute photo and her still baby chubby cheeks, unruly hair and ultimate almost three year old look about her will make me remember this time in her life when I look at it in 20 years. It will remind me how funny she is and how sweet her little heart is. I’m sure memories will come flooding back.  But what it doesn’t tell me, and what I might not remember are all the details of my life that aren’t photographable. I swear that’s a word!

Anyway, it got me to thinking about all the things I NEVER photograph. The messy playroom with toys everywhere. Dishes in the sink. Laundry piled high on my bed. Bathtime. Me after a day at home with the kids and no shower. Me uncomfortable in my post-baby body. Dust. Weeds in the yard.

I don’t photograph those things b/c they are the parts of my current life that I’m embarrassed about or not proud of or ashamed of. Dirty kids, dirty house, dirty me. But those are also the things I’m going to so easily forget in 20 years.

When I ask my mom about her life when my sister and I were the ages of my girls she swears she really doesn’t remember much. And I believe her. It breaks my heart, but I believe her b/c how can we remember this time in our lives? I can barely remember to brush my teeth! When you have small children you are in survival mode, just getting through the minutes from morning to night without giving up and walking out.

But the thing is, I really want to remember this. I want to remember Bailey pooping on the floor the first day of potty training, Parker standing at the end of the counter begging for a Flinstone vitamin and Grayson sleeping through the girls climbing on his crib. And even though I hate it now, I know I’m going to want to remember how tired I looked at the end of a long day at home with three kids three and under. Because one day I’m going to look back with fondness and miss this.

So my challenge to myself, and to YOU, is to take time this weekend and photograph all the things unphotographable. Take a photo of the dust on your tv, the crumbs on the floor and the fingerprints on the walls. And photograph you. If you have a blog and post your photos please link it in the comments for us. Share your life! I promise that by the end of the weekend I will do the same! Frizzy hair, blood shot exhausted eyes, dark circles, stretch marks and baby fat photos of ME too!

These are the things I swear someday we’ll miss! Capture them!

it’s a big big day in bailey world.

The first Bailey sentence uttered to me this morning was, "I getting married Mommy!"

Rubbing sleep out of my eyes and really not paying attention: "to who?"

"Mr. Man. I marrying Mr. Grayson Man."

So not only is she getting married today, she POOPED ON THE POTTY!  Yahoo!

The last two weeks she’s been holding it until she gets her pull-up on for nap and then goes #2, so today we took her potty upstairs (which has been moved to the playroom so Parker gets more sleep… this has been HUGE for Parker… she’s been doing so much better!) and put it right next to her bed, left her in underwear and just told her to sit on the potty if she needed to go.  This was following a good 20 minutes we made her try to go poop downstairs before naps. She was sitting and Chris was on the couch encouraging the poop by making her copy his grunts and groans telling her to PUSH… I was laughing so hard I was crying. At one point he told her to stand up and check to make sure none had come out with all the pushing… she stood up, turned around, put her face near the potty and said, "no poopoos in there but it smells like poopoos!"

I almost wet myself.

Anyway, 10 minutes after going up for naps she starts hollering, we go up and sure enough! POOP! I actually took photos, not of the actual poop, but of her sitting there looking SO proud… but I won’t share those here, they are strictly in the "to be saved for future embarrassment" folder. You know, the photos you break out when you meet the first boy friend.

Thanks Tuesday! So far you ROCK!

woo hoo how i love the clouds.

I’m in my bed at 9am doing a happy dance b/c CHRIS JUST GOT HOME from his canceled soccer camp! Grayson’s sleeping, the girls are busy with Daddy and I get at least an hour to hole up with my laptop, watch the Today Show and kick ass on some of this work I have been putting off! Yahoo for a rain day!

So yesterday really wasn’t so bad, and in fact, a lot of it I truly enjoyed. If I had experienced yesterday on at least 5 hours of sleep I would have been golden. Or if I didn’t have a list of Jodified projects to do the second the kids were in bed (which was 9pm, 2 hours after I actually PUT them in bed!) keeping me up late and cursing my lack of time during the day to work, the day would have been near perfect. It’s the whole "I-have-a-business-to-run-so-we-can-eat-and-diaper-our-children" and "I-haven’t-slept-more-than-2-hours-in-a-row-in-almost-6-weeks" that made yesterday hard.  Ok, the puke wasn’t fun and the fact that I don’t think I sat down for 4 hours was a little tough, but really, it wasn’t so bad as long as I kept go go going.

SO I either need to hire a babysitter for a couple days a week so I can work during the day more and not always until 1am or teach my one month old to sleep through the night or quit my business. Considering none of my children have slept through the night until well past a year of age and also that Jodified Designs absolutely is the only thing keeping me sane with three small kids, I guess we’re on the lookout for a sitter!

Ok, a few photos from my day yesterday…


the girls were being so cute and laying with grayson… if only the photo was as cute as they were acting!








The best was that during the hour Chris was home for lunch I asked him to do a few chores, one of which was to go upstairs and find our sippy cups. He insisted he was doing a good job of bringing them down lately and there weren’t any up there. I told him to just go check. He came down with five cups and after opening one to put in the dishwasher THIS is how he tackled the rest of them…


I was dying! Doesn’t the photo lend itself to a true vintage feel…


So funny! The sippy cup bandit!


Don’t worry, the big wimp survived the loading of the dishwasher!

To prove to you, and myself, that I have gotten some work done this week…


And a photo shoot from last week will be in an album by the end of today…


I went to high school (Kirkwood) with Emily and it was SO great to see her 10 years later! She has a beautiful family and runs her own gymnastics center with her mom! It’s so nice to see people grown up and happy. And get a load of her gorgeous one year old son! He was a ham and just smiled the entire time!





Thanks guys!

Ok, so the troops just headed to the park, the baby is still sleeping and NOW I will get to work. I have an invite to finish, the album to upload onto the blog, a banner to create, KCCI work logs to insert photos into, an ad to design and emails to return. I could work all day and not finish but I’ll give it a go!

You hear that Tuesday? I have help! I can work! I will not lose my mind today! Get out of my way Tuesday or I’ll bowl you over!

survival is exhausting

do any of you remember the Grey’s when Meredith just sinks in the water and drowns? I sort of understand that moment b/c I think it’s easier to just let go then fight to survive you know?

I am obviously not saying I want to commit suicide or anything, but I am seriously exhausted. And it was just a normal day in my life, one I will relive a million times over once C goes back to school. But man, I operated mostly on my pure survival mode today.

I have photos but am too tired to upload them. I’ll try tomorrow. If I find time. Which will be unlikely.

A quick over view…

Parker puked 20 minutes after C walked out the door, I changed at least 10 diapers, cleaned up pee from the floor, baked cupcakes, painted twice, read numerous books, played games, sang songs, danced, did 5 loads of laundry, ran one errand with all three kids, mopped the kitchen twice, vacuumed once, served 3 snacks and 3 meals, colored with markers, took photos, finished an invite for a client, sent 9 emails, made a few phone calls, broke up lots of fights, sat kids in time out twice, was spit-up on 4 times, changed clothes once, pushed kids in the swing, played in the water table, gave baths to 2 kids, listened to crying for approximately 2 hours give or take (one entire hour being Parker screaming b/c her sheep had to be washed) and addressed the last of Grayson’s birth announcements.

All on less than 3 hours sleep.

Really Abbie, you want kids this close together???

let the day begin.

It’s 6:18am right now, I’ve been up for an hour b/c after Grayson ate at 5am he had the biggest blow out diaper I’ve ever experienced with any of the kids, which required him getting cleaned up, laundry started and me in the shower. Seriously. It was a lot of poop.

Chris leaves in 30 minutes and I think I’m going to run like the wind to Bread Co. so I can get a 32oz Mnt Dew in me before I officially tackle this day. It might take the edge off the 3 hours sleep I got, which was actually one hour naps between major eating sessions last night. He was a hungry kid which makes his blow out not such a surprise I guess.

Anyway, I think I just needed to pop on here to document the beginning of this week. A week without Chris here to help. A week that is going to exhaust me beyond belief and end with my first ever wedding this weekend. I hope I’m not so tired by Saturday afternoon that I fall asleep on my feet while shooting!

Good morning Monday. I hate that you’re here already so I’m going to kick you in the tail! Mountain Dew here I come!

oh the price of craftiness.

I sanded the tip of my finger off tonight and it hurts like hell. One of those annoying pains that makes you want to just keep your finger in your mouth sucking on it, it feels almost like a burn feels. And what was I doing with sandpaper you ask?

Just the best craft project I’ve done in forever! Family and friends LOOK OUT b/c one of these beauties may be hitting a Christmas tree near you this year.

I got the idea from one of the many scrapping magazines that come to the house (even though scrapbooking is on my back burner I still love to read about it and get inspired!) but I can’t remember which one and I’m in bed and NOT getting up unless a certain little guy needs to eat. So this idea is not original, but then most of mine aren’t!

It all starts with a photo.

I took this the other day at our friend Donna’s house and loved it.


The SOOC (straight out of the camera) shot was nice, but I wanted to give it a little zazazu so I played around on Photo Shop until I had this:


When I saw it I knew I had to try this project with it so I got a 5×7 and a 4×6 printed at Wolf Camera (where I get all my prints b/c 1. they are better than Walgreens or Sams or whatever and 2. they have a DRIVE THRU!). Then on a Walgreens run today I bought a couple cheap 8×10 frames (sorry to the receiver of these gifts, I buy cheap frames.):


I then took the photo (I started with the 5×7) and on the back drew one inch squares with the help of my trusty ruler I’ve had since sixth grade. Once the squares were drawn I wrote numbers on them (so I could put the photo together again) and cut them out.


Then I lightly sanded the edges of each little square (hence the sanding off of my finger) and glued each piece, in order, onto a piece of navy card stock. Somehow I managed to get them out of order with the 5×7 so I had to trash that photo and start over with the 4×6. I think it was in my anger at screwing up the 5×7 I sanded a tad too emphatically and took off skin. Anyway, once each piece was glued down I just wrote a title to the left of the photo, glued the blue card stock to white card stock (or you could buy a nicer frame with a matte!) and popped it in the frame. And presto chango we have a cute gift for someone!


This photo, or any photo, is a nice gift just framed, but this technique makes it look like artwork and I love that. You could do this with any photo… of a landscape, animals, people, etc. I really like the mosaic effect.


Sorry the photos are so sucky, I took them at 10pm tonight and it is against my religion to use a flash.

Also taken tonight was a photo of Mr. Man to capture his hair post-bath! It ALWAYS goes straight up into a mohawk! I can’t wait to see what he looks like as he’s just starting to lose the newborn look to him…


Damn, the photo’s sideways. If I wasn’t going on ONE HOUR of sleep b/c of this little dude I would go into PS and fix it, but he’s sleeping so I should be too.

Cute photo shoot to post tomorrow and a new birthday invite hot off the presses… but this is my hell week b/c Chris is gone from 7am-9pm with a small break in the afternoon so blogging may be minimal this week, we’ll see.

Here’s hoping tonight is better than last night!

an impromptu photo shoot with my boys

led to some really sweet photos… oh how i love the men in my life!







*he’s holding his head up so well already!


*i LOVE this squished little face!

The girls are spending the night at my inlaws, GoGo and Bubba, so we’ve had a quiet and relaxing evening.  I’ve been working, Gray’s been sleeping and C’s been reading (Three Cups of Tea). So nice. The best part of the girls being gone will happen tomorrow morning when 5am passes quietly by without two little curly headed girls ready for "nack and juice!"  Grayson will wake up around 6am for a feeding and then hopefully give us another hour or two of sweet sweet sleep! I know Chris is especially excited since he’s been getting up with the girls this summer. 

I have a photo shoot to post tomorrow and a great idea for an easy Christmas gift! Oh yes I am already working on homemade Christmas gifts! I’m all about saving money and being creative! Is anyone else working/thinking about Christmas already or is it just me?

Oh, and I finally have Chris reading this blog on a regular basis so leave him some comment love about being a trooper for me and my camera tonight!