tonight will be my salvation.

Today has sucked balls. I hate that saying, HATE IT, but that’s exactly what this day has been. Totally sucktastic.

The girls are bored of being home so much but it’s too hot to play outside or go to the park, I can’t do the three kids at the pool, I don’t want to attempt the mall my myself and there was NO ONE that could come pick them up to take them somewhere, and I tried calling a lot of people! So all day the girls bickered and made messes and cried and whined all while Grayson decided that sleeping is overrated and crying is way more fun. I just walked around and around with him while trying to balance coloring or snacks or games with the girls. Basically I wanted to just walk out the door and never look back.

But alas, they are all sleeping right now. Thank you God. I needed this. And tonight my friend Emily is coming over to eat Imo’s and talk photography. LOVE THAT. Can’t wait. Thanks Em for giving me a light at the end of this very long day.

SO. a few catch up items I promised…

Let’s start with a few photos from yesterday when I liked my children:





Love these. I got this idea from HERE and although I think these are cute, hers is WAY more beautiful and amazing b/c 1. she is a better photographer clearly 2. her daughter is older and the baby younger at the time of the photo and 3. Grayson was starving, hence the fist in mouth he’s got going on. Love her BLOG too so check her out!

Also, I wanted to share a great idea for making meals more fun that I got from HERE.


Muffin Tins! I finally bought two 6-cup tins b/c all we had was a 12-cup and used them last night for the first time. The girls LOVED it! Bailey kept saying, "this is awesome dinner Mommy!"  Theirs had 2 toasted raviolis, cheese cubes, nectarine cubes, cucumber and pepper slices, ranch dressing for dipping and apple sauce.  We used them again for lunch today and it really makes me think about what I’m serving them.

Ok, I swear I have the felt fish game to share but Parker is screaming and I have minutes to grab her before she wakes Bailey. I’ll try to post the game later tonight…

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