you know what i really need right now?

A shot of vodka? No, but it might take the edge off my ONE HOUR OF SLEEP. Yeah, no big surprise that I need sleep.

Last night we had one killer of a thunder storm that put Bailey in our bed at 11pm, before I’d even gotten in there. And then Grayson was up every two hours, for at least an hour. I think he was having boob withdrawls from not nursing all day Saturday. And in the 45 minute time slots I got to lay down Bailey was kicking me or rolling on me or it was thundering so I spent most of the night watching Roseanne on Nick at Night.

Am I crabby? Yes. Am I semi-pissed off at ALWAYS being so freaking tired? YES. Is Chris gone ALL day today? Yes. Have I already called my mom and begged her to come play with the girls for a little while? Hell yes.

I have my not-so-nice life photos to post today, but seeing as I look like death warmed over I’m contemplating being brave enough to photograph myself also. Do the kids really want/need to see how awful they made me look 20 years from now? Do I really want to remember? Probably not, but when one of my girls calls ME after no sleep, too many kids and an absent husband I could pull out the photo of me looking like hell and tell her she’s not alone. If only I didn’t have two huge zits on my chin.

I also have a fun, if time consuming, craft project for all you super-moms out there…felt fish for a fishing game and felt food for your little kid kitchens. Oh yeah, I was up until midnight hand sewing felt fish/food. Have I not introduced myself? Hi. My name is crazy. I also go by guilt-ridden-super-mom. Or Jodie is fine too.

Ok, Parker is screaming from her bed where I threw her in an attempt to force the crabbiest kid on the block to nap and Bailey is sitting next to me begging for an art project. I guess it’s time to close the computer and start this day from hell.

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