Baby Harper

I love love LOVE that name for a baby girl. Love it. Harper. Isn’t it so cute? And isn’t she so cute?


This little girl belongs to Rev. Hope and Andrew Benko from our church,  Emmanuel Episcopal Church in Webster Groves. They brought her over to my house for a quick shoot… which btw worked really well for future winter babies! Hope’s sister was in town and came along to help me and Chris wrangle our kids while I worked and her arms were sore after holding Grayson for a while! Yes, he is a chunk. Expecially paired next to tiny Harper, who is actually a week OLDER than him! Anyway, Hope, Andrew and family I hope you enjoy them!









I would die to have that photo with my sister!

I will be back later today to officially announce the date/times/info about the mini sessions! They will be a birthday present to me! See you later!

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