When I was a kid my parents watched Star Trek and sometimes I got to stay up late enough to watch with them. I don’t know why I remember this particular episode except that maybe somewhere in my sub-conscience I knew I would need to emulate it someday.  Data, the robot-like guy was sad b/c he didn’t sleep and so had to spend all the night hours by himself. He got lonely I guess. Whatever man. If I could only be more like Data I would rock this world.

Last night I got Grayson officially to sleep around 10:30pm and then worked until midnight. He got up at 2:30am to eat and then I worked until 3:30am (having a laptop you can lay in bed with is so nice!). It’s now 6:30am and all the kids are happily watching Backyardigains so I have a few more minutes. But can you imagine if I were able to work the few hours I slept? I would have gotten a few more shoots done!

I did get one done though and am proud to share it this morning… 1. b/c the girls are adorable and 2. b/c I did most of the work in the middle of the night which just impresses the hell out of me frankly and 3. that I’m up and not feeling horrible this morning.

I’ve known Katie my entire life, literally, b/c I was baptized on the same day as her little sister, Betsy, who has been a close friend all my life. So Katie was always the scary big sister! She would yell at us to get out of her room or to leave her alone. Betsy hated it and I always sort of loved it b/c I didn’t have a big sister. Anyway, now she’s a mom to two beautiful little girls, the youngest is only a couple of weeks younger than Grayson. They live in CO and asked me to photograph the girls while they were in town this week… so yes, I cheated and bumped them to the top of my pile, but they’re only here a short time and really, it’s my pile and I’ll do what I want with it!

Katie I hope you like them!









I LOVE that I caught this photo as she was about to POKE ME WITH HER HUGE STICK! Did you know photographing two year olds is a contact sport?

And this next one is my favorite… total blackmail for later in life!


Isn’t that hilarious?


Thanks Katie!

Today is a BIG day in this house… as Bailey has been saying all week… "is it Bean Bag Bop day yet?"

We’re leaving in 2 hours for the Babaloo concert and she is beside herself with excitement! So I’m off to get all four of us dressed, me showered, breakfast eaten and out the door by 9am. If I rock out another session today I’ll be back here later! Have a good one!

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