Take this with a grain of salt.

Ok, so I’m still working with this but I did get the photos 200 pixels wider… so it’s a start. And really, it may be as much as I can do with Typepad, I don’t know.

Anyway, I am stressed. And when you hear me say this please don’t NOT hire me b/c you like me and don’t want to add to my stress. I’m just venting here people. It’s my blog and I need to vent for a second. None of what I’m about to say means that I hate my business or don’t want to work or want to work less. In fact, we just were thrown an unexpected expense so I really need MORE work.  And I’m sure tomorrow will be another day and all will be well with my soul. So they say.

I’ve had a shoot for three days in a row which means I’m SEVEN shoots deep in need of edits. And I swear I am working every spare second I have, it’s just that my spare seconds are so few and far between. So I have 7 shoots to edit, 2 business designs to work on (yes I just accepted more design work even though I swore I was done), 1 coffee table book to create and so much on the horizon it’s insane.

The worst part is that I used to get the girls in bed around 7pm, do chores and eat dinner until about 8pm and then work until about midnight. Every night. So I was averaging 30 hours of work for Jodified a week if you add in weekend time. Now though, post-Grayson, my night is taken up with his fussiness. Especially now that Chris is at soccer I have no break until Grayson passes out around 10pm. Which means my chores either happen while he’s fussing or once I get him asleep. SO lately I have been working from about 11pm-1am.

AND I AM TIRED. Like constant headache tired. Mountain Dew isn’t even really helping much anymore.

And like I said, we just got an expense we weren’t counting on so there goes affording preschool for Bailey and daycare for Parker. Which MEANS, I need MORE work with LESS time to do it. Nice. I’m not really sure what’s going to happen at this point.

I’m just stressed. Money stresses me out. I hate money. But I hate not having money more than anything. I know money can’t make you happy, but it sure can make things easier, and that would seriously make me happier right now.

Ok. I guess I’m done. Except to say that I appreciate Fern talking about WIC b/c I think that’s my next move to help with grocery costs. And I appreciate everyone hiring me to do their photos this fall b/c every penny counts right now.  Speaking of photos, I finished a cute little one year old today…

This little guy was one of my very first shoots last year! And now look at him! He’s a walking soon-to-be-toddler named William and I am in love with his eyes. We met at the St. Louis Art Museum which is now one of my new favorite places to shoot! Enjoy a few bigger photos!









I have the laptop on the counter and wrote this while "cooking" dinner for the girls. Since starting this they have been served and are throwing food on the floor eating. With C’s first paycheck since May coming on Friday it’s slim pickings around here so they had grilled cheese, Spaghettios and yogurt. Bailey just told me it is NOT a good dinner. Thanks kid.

Maybe your Tuesday was a bit better?

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